Peter Keresztury - Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Photographer

I am a sculptor, painter, photographer, producer and curator who seeks beauty, harmony, balance and proportions in all my endeavors.


My recent art work involves abstract fluid acrylic painting and I have been exhibiting at various galleries and art shows.


With my background as a general contractor, I have an appreciation for wood, metal, aluminum and other materials. I have always been involved in the creative arts and have been designing and creating kinetic wind sculptures. Most of my sculptures move or revolve by hand or wind, and as the light reflects off of them, they all show various angles and colors.

In addition to abstract sculptures I also enjoy creating fantasy sculptures of the female form and eight of my female sculptures are on permanent display in a museum in Miami Beach, FL.

As a photographer, I have exhibited my landscape photographs and Pin-up style photographs in various art galleries and shows.  I have produced several photography exhibitions and have curated sculpture exhibitions.

I Live in Marin County, CA with my wife, Deborah, surrounded by my sculptures, paintings, photographs, and kinetic wind sculptures on my front lawn and back deck. I am a member of International Sculpture Center, Pacific Rim Sculptors, Marin Society of Artists, and Marin Open Studios.

View video of my art work:

Marin County, California artist, Peter Keresztury, with his paintings, sculptures and photography