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Sculptures by Peter Keresztury

While living in New York City I began creating and designing furniture and sculptures.  After moving to the San Francisco Bay  Area, my projects included erotic female sculptures, eight of which are currently on display in a Miami Beach museum. And

my latest female sculpture is seen below. Most of my recent creations are kinetic wind sculptures.

View the sculptures in motion:

                      Click on each sculpture to see the Title, Size, and Price.

REACHING HIGHER by Peter Keresztury (3)
zebra girl.jpg
Motorized abstract aluminum sculpture by Peter Keresztury
“golden gate bridge”.JPG
I Beam Construct #3_edited.jpg
Positive Negative.JPG
kinetic wind sculpture by Peter Keresztury
Up and OUt sculpture_edited.jpg
3 part counter rotating kinetic wind sculpture by Peter Keresztury
continuity sculpture (3).JPG
Saguaro metal cactus
double helix.JPG
triple red - Copy (2).JPG
propelling force (2).JPG
i-beam construct #1.JPG
go that way (3).JPG
kinetic wind sculpture by Peter Keresztury
pyramids of giza.JPG
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