Furniture by Peter Keresztury

Handmade with Abstract Paintings

Abstract art painted on coffee tables, end tables,
entry/sofa tables, benches, and cabinets.

All the tables are available in reds, blues,
greys and custom colors, with Art Deco details. 

The cabinet has metal overlay on the top and sides,
the doors are abstract paintings, and
it comes with a glass top.

Custom made furniture and colors available by special order.     




3-PC TABLE SETScreenshot 2022-03-30 202736.jpg
red 3pc table set.JPG
red 3pc table set tops.JPG
3-pc table set description.jpg
blu3e 3pc table set.JPG
blue 3pc table set tops.JPG
grey 3-pc set discription.jpg
grey 3 pc table set .JPG
grey 3pc table set tops.JPG
metal 3 pc discription.jpg
metal 3pc table set.JPG
metal 3pc table set tops.JPG
red console table.JPG
red console table 1.JPG
grey console table.JPG
grey console table 1.JPG
bench red.jpg
red bench.JPG
red bench 1.JPG
bench grey.jpg
grey bench.JPG
grey bench 1.JPG
2 pc .jpg
grey 2 table set legs.JPG
grey 2 table set tops.JPG
grey 2 table set chrome legs.JPG
metal table.jpg
metal table.JPG
metal table top.JPG
metal table legs.JPG
metal cabinet.JPG
metal cabinet 3.JPG
metal cabinet 1.JPG
metal cabinet 2.JPG